Since the time when the peasants of Alberobello used to build their houses using local stone without the addition of cement binder, about 400 years have now passed. Today, the trulli – built with dry stone with a view to be knocked down in case of King’s inspection (who had strictly prohibited the construction of dwellings in the area) are intended for housing as well as for tourism and commercial purposes.

The urban settlement of the trulli represents a unique scenery worldwide, and has therefore been included in the list of World Heritage Sites. Those who love discovering the authenticity of places will be fascinated by the alleys of the Aia Piccola, the district where time still passes slowly while tourists stroll through the narrow streets breathing the atmosphere of old days. The largest agglomeration of trulli, the Rione Monti, is populated by about a thousand cones that create a surreal landscape. Here, it is possible to enter typical houses, which now house souvenir shops, restaurants and places where to relive the daily life of our ancestors.

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