Une expérience rurale vivre et raconter

My father and my uncle, two daring dreamers, purchased this farmhouse almost twenty years ago. With love and dedication, they devoted over 15 years to its renovation, overcoming every difficulty.

Even when it was just a dream, I envisioned a name, an identity for this place that had already captured my heart back then. I immersed myself in fairs, searching for the right channels to make its beauty known to the world, and continued to work in other accommodations to learn everything I could. My parents have always supported and helped me along the way, but I felt the increasing responsibility of those sacrifices weighing on me.

In 2018, we opened the first 10 rooms, initially unsure of our success. It was me, my mom, and the ladies for room cleaning and breakfasts. I spent entire days at the reception since we couldn’t afford to hire many employees yet.

But over time, we grew. The initial 10 rooms became 25. From a simple breakfast, we inaugurated a restaurant that welcomes our guests for lunch and dinner. From a modest poolside kiosk with some refreshing drinks, we created an authentic bar restaurant where themed evenings take place. Our team went from 5 to 25 employees.

For me and my whole family, it’s immense pride to see this structure grow so much, year after year, allowing us to offer something more to our customers continually. Our greatest joy is to see happiness in the eyes of our guests, who come back to visit us for several years and who, like us, see the structure grow and appreciate everything we do. They are the ones giving us the strength to make this extraordinary journey!



Transfer service by reservation to and from the airports of Bari and Brindisi.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

An innovative infinity pool where you can spend relaxing moments.


Free to surf the Internet everywhere at any time of the day.

Animals not allowed

In this Masseria,
animals are not allowed.